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Hire Best Android Developer In Mar 2022

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You can speak with these android developers and once you find a good fit, you can hire an android developer and get started with the project. Codementor also has an escrow system that ensures secure and fast payments. Toptal is a talent matching service, initially created with tech talent in mind. Although it has expanded its talent pool to include designers and finance experts, the company’s focus remains on its freelance development talent. If you want to be sure that an Android developer is up to the job, hiring a developer from Toptal is likely your best option. An android developer collaborates with other engineers to design and build new features for advanced Android applications. With the development of Google’s latest version – KitKat, Android opened many opportunities for their customers.

Freelancer is a marketplace with a large number of registered users and total posted jobs. You will be able to browse through their pool of Android freelancer profiles, vet and interview candidates yourself, and manage payments yourself. If you’re looking for an affordable option, Freelancer might be a solution worth exploring. As Android development often involves both creative and technical aspects, use Authentic Jobs to begin your search for application development.


Hired is mostly used by companies that require specialized Android developers. For example, some Android developers specialize in gaming, meaning that they could design practically any game you can find on the Google Play Store.

No matter how simple or complex you think your project is, it’s vital that your developer understands how to implement XML if you want the best results possible. If you would like to get the best results possible, learn the basics of these coding languages so that you can ask possible developers about them. This process gives you a little insight into the skill of the person you are about to hire. Also, ask for samples directx of past projects and a list of references. So, you’ve got an idea for a new mobile app, or perhaps you have an iPhone app and you want to hire an Android developer to port your iPhone app to Android. Clients hire Android application developers in USA from Zrix regularly, we have trusted clients. Our Android application developers have 14+ years of experience to effectively deal with project complexity and challenges.


These are sets of the must have skills that we care about and put as top requirements needed for hiring first class Android Developer. The Android Developer participates in code reviews and contributes to raising the quality of our product. The Android Developer develops and maintains the ever-growing code base that supports the Workday Android Application.

However, if your project is on fire and you need more people asap, we can make it happen by accessing a talent pool of our partners. Please note that the salaries and hourly rates mentioned in this article don’t equal the cost of hiring offshore software developers through outsourcing companies. Read more about how offshore software development costs are formed here. If you really need to hire a skilled and experienced dedicated Android app developer to join your team but don’t know where to start, this small guide is for you. Greg has a 7+ year history of success in analyzing, architecting, designing, and implementing web and mobile applications, focusing on Android native.

hire android developers

After you assigned a task to your candidate, and they finished and updated you with the build, you should test in a very thorough manner to look for potential bugs. And the reason is that it should give you insight on the developer’s ability to find bugs and fix them, or in other words, the ability to test their own products. After you’ve interviewed a potential Android specialist and decided to hire them for the trial period, what else can you check to estimate if this developer is the right expert for you? Here are few points you should pay attention to during that time. And working with an Android developer who loves what they’re doing should be your top priority. Finally, publishing an app to Google Play is a pretty simple process, but understanding all of the Play features can dramatically help you to improve your application and gain more downloads.

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Her extensive experience as a freelance Android developer covers a variety of project setups from building apps for startups to the development & continuous delivery for large-scale, long-term projects. Get your Android apps seamlessly integrated with your existing back-end applications. We have the top android app developers who know how to form a best android app builder. The Android OS strengthens the smartwatches, smartphones, tablets, and various games and apps that are used worldwide by millions of linked users.

Adeleke is a passionate full-stack software engineer with 8 years’ experience covering enterprise web and mobile application development. If you choose to search for a freelance developer, you can learn more about each candidate’s expertise and experience by reviewing their portfolios.

Three Steps To Hire A First

All these things show advanced understanding of the underlying Java platform, which serves as the foundation for any good Android application. Hire our expert Android app programmers who work on the latest Android application development technologies. Hire Android app developers & designers who mainly focus on adding UI and UX by including interactivity, creativity, and aesthetics. With the help of our dedicated Android app developers, you will have a compatible, secure, bug-free, and thoroughly tested Android Application. An Android developer should have a general understanding of networking on mobile and possible challenges and limitations on Android devices. Knowledge of support libraries and their features, allows developers to make changes to implementation in an older version of Android. Moreover, for consulting, it’s unrealistic to expect all stakeholders to agree at all times.

How to hire mobile developers for your hybrid mobile app development? – iLounge

How to hire mobile developers for your hybrid mobile app development?.

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This language is similar to SQL in some ways and different from it in other ways. Both languages are used to store and access information from a central database. You use XML when the data you store has more than one layer, such as usernames android app developer hire and access levels. Make sure they have some knowledge of the challenges you’re going to face, and that it is factored into the timeline of your project. This bullshit can take a long, arduous time to test if you’re not prepared for it.

A well-tested app with modern Kotlin features may not always be possible so appreciation for older paradigms would be an asset to an organization that is likely going to have such project constraints. Android developers should be familiar with both Java and Kotlin.

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However which further got developed with the specialized user interface. Like Android TV, Android Auto, Android wear watches, Android games and many more. For business purposes, Android App development leads to increased productivity with better ROI on the business. With the ecosystem spread across all android devices you can now seamlessly sync all your personal data as well as your preferences to be constant across the devices that you use in your daily lives.

  • Android developers should be strong in Java language and object-oriented concepts, which underlies all Android apps.
  • Later, he worked as a software engineer at The New York Times and tech lead at the multi-platform social shopping engine Kaboodle/StyleSpot.
  • Our team of experience Android mobile app developers have delivered user-friendly applications to our clients.
  • The platform vets their candidates thoroughly to ensure they have the right skill sets and experience to handle all kinds of projects.

Get a glance at our work through our well-crafted success stories. Hire dedicated workforce which is ever-ready to produce quality results by exhibiting their exceptional skills and experience. Letlift ‒ a mobile app that allows drivers to offer lifts to passengers and donate their profits to charity. Continuously work with new technologies to maximize development efficiency. Unit-test the code and work on bug fixing and improving application performance. A highly motivated person with a passion for building scalable and efficient apps. You are [interested in/ the expert in] general mobile landscape, architectures, trends, and emerging technologies.

Unit tests are rerun after each significant code change to guarantee proper Android app performance. Contributes to app architecture design and integration planning. Development of scalable, testable, documented Android applications.

The first meeting, when I do not know the clients and their ability to understand tech, is always tentative. The second meeting is far smoother since I know how much I have to explain and from what angle. No one except a CTO usually has an understanding of coding nuances.

In this instance, Framework refers to Android design , animations, and tools. Android is the most popular operating system in the world, with over 2.5 billion users. Uplers saves you up to 50% on salary over local talent without compromising on quality.

The basic function of an Android is that it allows users to build innovative apps or games which can then be implemented on mobile devices in a Java language environment. The main purpose of Android is to connect the users and the devices.

hire android developers

Android is beneficial in a sense, as it provides an open-source license to manufacturers. We have expertise in app development for both android and ios, app programming, android app development online, android app designer online, android hybrid app, and many more. Our top android app developers have diverse experience with basic android app development and complex as well. Iyrix has been leaning towards professional android application development to ensure the quality of the product.

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